The Parkside Brewery (Construction Update) – Port Moody

Port Moody is getting close to having its fourth brewery.  The Parkside Brewery is being started by the former Small batch brewmaster of Granville Island Brewing Vern Lamborne.


There will be a large space for the tasting room in the front of the house.  The large boarded off area in the photo above will be large glass doors.

The first photo shows where the bar will be.   The short pony wall will be the back side of the tasting room boardering on the brewery.  The column in front of that pony wall is where the bar will be located and it will run in parallel with the pony wall.  The second photo shows more of the tasting room.

The first photo is of the keg room for the tasting room on the left and the grain mill room on the right.  The next two show the 30HL brew house made by Specific Mechanical on Vancouver Island.  The fourth photo is of the tank farm where many ales and lagers will be crafted.  The next photo is of the cold liquor tank on the left and hot liquor tank on the right.  The sixth photo is of area that will house the packaging line once the brewery is up and running.  The last photo is of the current storage area that is currently housing empty kegs and other mixed construction equipment.

The brewery also has a great parking area that may be able to be used for events in the future.


The brewery is still under construction and will still be a while before they open but I wanted to help get everyone excited for the newest brewery opening up on Murray Street.


Here are my full sized photos.

Parkside Brewery
2731 Murray Street,
Port Moody


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