Moody Ales Expansion (In Progress) – Port Moody

Moody Ales in Port Moody took over the second unit on their building and are in the works of building an overflow tasting room for their busy nights.


The second unit will be used to house anything they need to store at this point.  This includes barrels aging their beer.  The barrels will be used as a barrier between the storage area and the new overflow tasting room.  The overflow will only be used on their busiest nights but will increase their seating capacity fairly substantially.  There will also be tables in front of their cooler doors.  The only place that will be roped off is their brewery itself as that is a requirement of the liquor board.

I am not sure when this expansion will be open but there is not a lot of construction per say so it could be very soon.  Keep locked on Moody Ales social networks for more information.

Full sized photos

Moody Ales
2601 Murray Street,
Port Moody


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