Hearthstone Brewery (Lounge Construction Update 2) – North Vancouver

On December 11, 2015 I stopped into Hearthstone Brewery to check out their lounge construction.  Now on February 24th I stopped in again to check on the progress.  Things are finally really moving along and obvious progress is being made.  The pizza oven is tiled with the Hearthstone logo as well as the bars are being installed.

Photo one shows their pizza oven.  Photo two shows where their growler bar will be located with the wood top bar being installed.  The third photo is the bar and pizza oven.  Photo 4 shows where the lounge will be located when all of the construction materials and lifts are moved.  The last photo illustrates the finished wood look that will be on the walls.  It finally looks like the opening is only a few months away.

full sized photos

Hearthstone Brewery
1015 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

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