Old Yale Brewing New Location (Under Construction) – Chilliwack

If you have ever been to Old Yale Brewing out in Chilliwack you will know that they are very crammed into their space (As seen here).  Things are about to change in a big way though!  They will be leaving their location on Venture Place for a location on South Sumas Road.  Their current brewery is 2,500 square feet while the new location will be a 6,550 square foot brewery and 1,250 square foot tasting room.  The new brewery will more than triple their capacity!  The demand for their beer has risen sharply since their win for best beer in Canada in 2014 for Sasquatch Stout and this move became a must.

First lets take a look at the new tasting room a huge change from the crammed little growler station currently used.

The tasting room is going to be nice and spacious with multiple tables and a standing bar along one wall to put your drinks.  The first photo is more or less a full look at the space that will house the tasting room.  The second photo is of the area that will house the bar.  The bar will run parallel to the wall on the left hand side of the photo.  There will be 10 taps for pours and anouther 10 for growler fills.  The third photo shows the two windows that will look into the brewery.  The window on the left will have a good view of the hot and cold liquor tanks while the right window will have a view of the brew house.

To the right of the viewing windows is the door into the brew house.

The first photo is where the brewery will be located.  Along the left wall of the first photo will be where all of the fermentors will be located.  In the center of both the first and the second photos is where the brew house will be located right near the bottom of the photos.  The third photo is of the separate cold room.  Their cold room will be huge compared to their old location that can only currently chill the kegs.  This will help keep their products even more fresh before they head to a store near you!  The fourth photo is of the grain mill room located outside the brewery in a small masonry building more or less attached to the main warehouse.  The fifth photo shows the loading doors.  The loading door to the left will be blocked by at least one grain silo.  The last photo is from the back of the brewery looking back towards the windows into the tasting room.

The brew house will be a 20HL system and is being built right now.  The brewery is bringing over 5 unitanks from the old brewery while they have ordered 6 new larger unitanks fermentors.  They will also be bringing over two brite tanks from the old location while purchasing two brand new much lager brite tanks.

To say that Old Yale Brewing is excited about this move would be the understatement of the year.  They will now have the space to ramp up production while being able to play more with recipes and possibly do some more exciting projects in the future.  Once Old Yale is ready to announce the address I will make sure to make it public but until then know that they are about to explode onto the BC market!

Full sized photos

Old Yale Brewing

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