Double Down Double IPA – Bridge Brewing Company

From Bridge Brewing out of North Vancouver comes their “Double Down Double IPA” a small pilot batch.  The beer pours a cloudy orange colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of tropical fruits, pineapple, juicy hops and a floral finish.  The flavour is of tropical fruits and bitterness up front with very juicy pineapple, hops bitterness, resin, pine and alcohol.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.7% with an IBU of 85.  Even with a fairly low alcohol content for a double IPA it does ramp up as it warms.  This was a pretty darn good double IPA and would be a great candidate for up-scaling to a full sized brew.

Commercial Description:  Sweet, strong, hoppy, fruity & floral aroma, bitter

double down double ipa

2 comments on “Double Down Double IPA – Bridge Brewing Company

  1. Jeremy Taylor says:

    Thanks for coming by, Mike! Glad you enjoyed Amy’s Double Down.

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