Flint & Steel Session IPA – Bench Creek Brewing

From Bench Creek Brewing out of very rural Alberta (Yellowhead Country) near Edson comes their “Flint & Steel Session IPA”. The beer pours an amber colour with a beige head. The aroma consists of lots of tropical fruits, melon, some caramel and floral hops. The flavour is of tropical fruits, lemon rind, grapefruit, grainy malts, caramel, mild earth and a decent hops bitterness. Like all session IPA’s the body is not as big as an IPA but it does have more body than most Session IPA’s. The alcohol content comes in at 4.7%. I don’t enjoy every Session IPA as I really like the body and malt backbone that comes with a true IPA but this one does enough in every category to be quite interesting and refreshing. If you can find this beer either at the brewery or like I did in Edmonton in a Crowler pick it up.

4 comments on “Flint & Steel Session IPA – Bench Creek Brewing

  1. Thanks, Mike! Glad to hear we’re doing the style justice in your eyes! – The Bench Creek Team

    • Mike says:

      you guys sure are. If this beer was any indication I would have to say you guys are doing great things! Keep up the good work

  2. Paul says:

    Hi there, I live in Hinton, AB and grabbed a howler from Wild Orchid in Hinton. Loved the taste, loved it was local, hoppy and fruity, superb for a spring warm evening. Keep it up!

    • Mike says:

      Very cool i don’t know that brewery and have not seen it on sale when i am in Alberta for work. I will keep my eye out for it. Thanks for reading

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