Old Abbey Ales (Lounge Update) – Abbotsford BC

Old Abbey Ales out in Abbotsford recently had their first anniversary and things have changed quite a bit since the opening (Check out my original post).  Because of all this change I thought I better do a new post.

The tasting room has been expanded quite a bit with the addition of their lounge.  They have also added a some nice artwork to some of their walls.  They have also repainted all the other walls without artwork away from the orange and blue tones.

I am not sure if the brewery itself has expanded much as it looks quite similar to my original photos.

One thing that has changed over the year is that they are pulling away from bottle conditioning all of their beer.  They may still bottle condition some of their higher end beers but for the most part their beer will be carbonated more traditionally.  They even have a nice new bottling line.  To replace the bottle conditioned line of beers they have created 4 different series of beers.  all 4 descriptions are below.

Tavern Series: easy drinking, sessionable beers, including our Blonde and Rye Pale Ale

Innovation Series: We combine Belgian brewing methods with West Coast creativity, in a style we like to come Belgian Forward. The Sour Raspberry, and 100% Brett IPA are in the Innovation Series.

Brewmasters’ Series: The Brewmasters’ Series is all of our traditional Belgian Beers such as our Triple, and Quad.

Royal Series:  The Royal Series is our highest end beers that will be very limited releases. The series will features beer you can cellar.

Full sized photos

Old Abbey Ales
1A – 30321 Fraser Hwy
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1K9
T. 604-607-5104

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  1. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries


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