A Frame Brewing (Construction Begins) – Squamish

When I stopped in to A Frame Brewing in Squamish in January to get a pre construction look at their space and get to know them the brewery looked much different than it does now!


The first change is that it was in the mid 20C and the snow was gone haha.

Other than that though walls between the production space and the tasting room and cooler have been torn out.  The slab is also now cut out and ready for all of the piping and other things that will be buried beneath the slab like the trade waste interceptor.

Photo one is from the tasting room looking back at the brewing space behind the columns.  The slab cut out right in front will be where the bar is located.  to the far right the slab has been cut out for the washrooms plumbing.  Just out of view in the first photo will be where the breweries cooler will be located.  In the back far left is where the trade waste interceptor is to be located.  Photo number two is the trenching for the drains in the brewery itself.  to the far end of the trench you see where the trade waste interceptor will be located.  The last photo is of the brewing space looking back at the tasting room.  There will only be a half wall separating the brewery from the tasting room which will be nice so that people will be able to see what is happening in the brewery while enjoying a beer.

The brewery will have a nice big patio area out front which will make for an awesome spot to enjoy a beer or two while hanging out in Squamish.  I know it will be a regular hangout for me after hikes in the region!

A Frame Brewing
38927 Queens Way

full sized photos

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