Aleberta (Our Beer History) – Film

Alberta’s Craft Beer movement may just be in its infancy compared to BC and Ontario but there are still some good stories to tell of the history of beer in the province as well as what is happening currently in the province.


I would highly recommend checking out this film “Aleberta – Our Beer History”.  The film is broken into three distinct parts that tell the beginning middle and present of the beer scene in the province.  Here in BC we have been blessed with a crazy Craft Beer Revolution of sorts that has brought us to over 100 breweries from a much much smaller number even five years ago.  With the changes in laws in the province small breweries even nano breweries can flourish now.  Albertan’s could be in for a crazy ride if the economy of the province does not derail their own craft beer renascence.

Part one of the film is called Beer Pioneers and covers the time between 1884 and 1984.  This was the wild west of Alberta beer to be sure!

The next portion of the film is called The Rise of Craft.  This portion of the film covers the early 80’s, 90’s and runs into the 2000’s which includes the birth of Big Rock Brewing and the battle with post prohibition laws (something that people in BC know to much about).

Part three of the film is called The Micro Explosion starts with the change of one law in 2013 that turned the tides for craft beer in Alberta.  Finally it was legal to start a small brewery!

I really recommend this film to anyone that is interested in craft beer.  No matter if you live in Alberta or not.  If you live in a place that has worse laws maybe it could inspire you to lobby your government.

If nothing else it is a well executed and well researched peace and tells some history of Alberta beer that was almost lost!

Check out their website

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