Wild IPA – Category 12 Brewing

From Victoria’s Category 12 Brewing comes their “Wild IPA” a beer in their Elemental Series. The beer pours a golden colour with a white head. The aroma consists of tropical fruits, pineapple, floral hops and malts. The flavour is of tropical fruits, pineapple, lemon, malts, mild bitterness, resin, some mild funk, and a nice full body. The alcohol content comes in at 6.8% with an IBU of 68. The use of wild yeast to build up a big tropical fruit punch works really well in this beer!

Commercial Description: Our Wild IPA is fermented with an untamed wild yeast call Sacc. trois. This yeast imparts an enticing tropical fruit aroma with a slightly tart finish that complements our hop profile. The result is an assertive IPA with layers of luscious fruit, citrus and spicy character. Our Elemental Series is the culmination of our commitment to experimentation and innovation. Available for a short time and in limited quantities, this is an invitation into the lab that you don’t want to miss!


4 comments on “Wild IPA – Category 12 Brewing

  1. thebeerrater says:

    I personally label this guy as a swing and a miss… Not a fan. Sadly because I love most of what they do!

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