Twin Sails Brewing – Kottbusser

image1 (4)

From the new Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody comes their Kottbusser, which, according to the bottle, is an ancient style of beer outlawed with the induction  of the German Purity Law.  This brown ale is made with malted barley, wheat and flaked oats then finished with molasses and Fraser Valley alfalfa honey.

While the bottle described this as a brown ale it is so dark it almost looks like a stout, though it’s clarity and translucence are that of a brown ale.  It leaves a visual impression of a clean beer.  The head is a light tan with medium sized bubble with good staying power.

The aromas rise strongly off this beer, my nose doesn’t even have to be close to the glass to start smelling it.  Immediately there are honey and coffee notes, quickly followed by chocolate and dried fruit.

The flavours are where this beer really shines, straight away they are complex and interesting.  There are bitter chocolate and molasses flavours with a light cedar note, a clean metallic note that pairs well with a bitter grassy falvour.  The sweetness and bitterness play very nicely with each other while neither go overboard.

On a personal note I love that Twin Sails has picked an obscure beer as part of their first bottled line of beers, I like when people find strange and obscure recipes and let people try them.  Also, this beer is delicious and I plan to stock several more bottles.

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