Firestone Walker Launches in Canada – Craft Beer Market

Firestone Walker Brewing Company out of California is one of the largest and most celebrated breweries in the United States and have now decided to bring their beer up into Canada.

Craft Beer Market held the Launch party in Vancouver on June 30th, 2016.  Originally there were to be 8 beers on tap but 4 got held up at customs for whatever reason so it was brought down to 4.  They had Luponic Distortion  Revolution No 001 a beer that has its hops change every 100 days.  Next they had their DBA British Pale Ale a beer with a portion aged in oak barrels.  Third they had the Pivo Hoppy Pilsner a well hopped lager.  Lastly they had their Union Jack West Coast IPA a beer that would be welcomed by any hop head on the West Coast.

One of the Founders of the brewery David Walker came up for the launch and got up on the bar to give a talk about the brewery and what they do.  He also talked a bit about the expansion into Canada.

The Firestone Walker expansion has just begun but look out for their beer including these 4 and hopeful more to come in the near future!

Check out what they do here:

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

full sized photos

2 comments on “Firestone Walker Launches in Canada – Craft Beer Market

  1. David says:

    So do have any idea why we have yet to see a drop here in BC yet? Were almost 4 months since the launch event. I know Alberta has seen plenty.

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