Old Yale Brewing – Chilliwack BC

Old Yale Brewing is no longer located just off Highway 1 on Venture Place in Chilliwack (click here for old location).  Not only have they moved but the new locations storage area is as large as the entire old location.


They actually now have a proper tasting room.  Currently they are only licensed as a tasting room but they are in the process of getting their lounge license.  There are lots of wood features with a forest looking wallpaper.  The bar top is stainless steel and quite shiny.  Like so many BC breweries there are windows into the brewing space.  You are able to stop in for a glass of beer and take home bottles, cans or a growler fill to enjoy later.

I was lucky enough to get a tour of the brewery also when I stopped in to check out the new location.  Located at the very back of the building you will find the grain milling room.  The grain mill is able to pull grain from one of two silos as well as from a hopper meant for specialty grains.  The first three photos show this room.  Back from the gain milling room I headed back into the brewery to check out the brew house.  The 4th and 5th photos are of the brew house itself.  Photos 6-8 are their tanks farm with both fermentors and bright tanks.  On the right side of photo 8 you will see the original tanks that they brought over from the old location.  With the original tanks and all of the new tanks they have seriously increased their capacity to make beer.  Photos 9 and 10 are the bottle labeler and bottling machine respectively.  The photos 11 through 13 are of their cold room.  This room is usually far fuller but their bottling machine had broken so they could not package products.  Photo 14 is of the two silos at the back of the building.  The last photo is of the storage bay they have next door that is larger than their previous location.


Next time you are in Chilliwack make sure to stop in for a visit!

Full sized photos.

Old Yale Brewing
44550 South Sumas Rd.
Chilliwack, BC V2R5M3

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  2. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries


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