WATERLOO Blueberry Weizenbier – Waterloo Brewing Co

From Kitchener Ontario’s Waterloo Brewing Co owned by Brich Brewing Co comes their “WATERLOO Blueberry Weizenbier”.  The beer pours a reddish orange colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of ripe blueberries, wheat, yeast, bubblegum and sweetness.  The flavour is of blueberries, bubblegum, wheat and yeast.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  Not the best Weizenbier I have had but this is an enjoyable fruit beer.

Commercial Description: Bursting with flavour from the blueberry capital of Canada’s East Coast, this refreshing Weizenbier is a true-blue taste of home.  Forward blueberry nose, finishing crisply as a traditional Weizenbier (wheat beer). Juicy on the palette, not bitter, with low to no aftertaste.

Food pairing as per the brewery:  This light and refreshing Blueberry Weizenbier pairs nicely with crisp summer fruit salads, thinly sliced venison lightly glazed in blueberry reduction barbecue sauce, and freshly homemade burgers seasoned with thyme and rosemary.


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