Hearthstone Brewery (Lounge Construction Update 3) – North Vancouver

Last week I stopped in again at Hearthstone Brewery in North Vancouver to check out progress. There is some really great news to report. The construction is not finished!  They have passed an inspection or two but still have a few more to go before they can open up. But the nice thing is that as long as all goes smoothly they should be opened up within a months time give or take a little bit. 

The finishings are beautiful wood that fits the BC motif to the tee. The kitchen has a fancy double pizza forno. The bar will draw beer right from serving tanks in the partially detached brewery. Due to the fact the brewery and lounge are not attached growler fills will be done inside the brewery proper now instead of the lounge. 

It’s time to get excited!  

Hearthstone Brewery
1015 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

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