Belgian Golden Strong Ale (Barrelholder Release) – Category 12 Brewing

From Victoria’s Category 12 Brewing comes their “Belgian Golden Strong Ale (Barrelholder Release)”.  This is the first release of a barrel program that was funded by the customers of the brewery.  This beer was aged in red wine barrels.  The beer pours a cloudy golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of wine, oak, fruity notes including citrus and some, vanilla, caramel and spices.  The flavour is of citrus especially lemon, melon, wine grapes, candied sugar, caramel, vanilla, oak, spices and a mild hint of alcohol.  The alcohol content comes in at a high 10.6%.  Once again Category 12 Brewing has hit it out of the park with this release.  I am so happy that I happened to find a bottle in a Vancouver store!

Commercial Description: Our Barrelholder series pays homage to the contributors of a successfuly campaign that allowed us to get an early start on the delicious process of barrel aging. Cheers to the original Barrelholders, and to you, the holder of this bottle!  This limited release Belgian Golden Strong Ale is crafted to be bright and crip with a medium body. Lightly fruity and spicy, the aging in red wine oak barrels has imparted delicate toasted oak and caramel notes. Combined with sweet vanilla overtones and a deceptive 10.6% ABV, the barrel process has added depth and complexity to an already delicious beer.


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