Mega Black House – Modern Times Beer

From Modern Times Beer in San Diego California comes their “Mega Black House” an Imperial Stout.  The beer pours a deep opaque black with a brown head.  The aroma consists of chocolate, roasted malts, oatmeal and coffee.  The flavour is of coffee, toffee, caramel, chocolate, oatmeal, ash, cream, mild bitterness and some alcohol.  The alcohol content comes in at 10% with an IBU of 45.  This is my first every try of a beer from Modern Times Beer.  I have to say that this beer is amazingly tasty and I would pick up a bottle or two more in a heartbeat.

Commercial Discretion:  An imperialized version of Black House loaded with our house-roasted coffee.  Thick, chewy, and bursting with coffee aroma & flavor.  Mega Black House is a complex sipper that showcases the brilliant interaction of dark roasted malt and light roasted coffee.

Are you a home brewer?  Here is the recipe from the brewery!


2 comments on “Mega Black House – Modern Times Beer

  1. Love Modern Times. Their coffee beers are delicious in part because they house roast the coffee. You should come down to San Diego sometime and we would visit Modern Times together for sure. I was surprised this made its way up to you.

    • Mike says:

      Modern Times Beer launched a few month ago up here in BC. I had meant to try it earlier but its 30% more expensive than local beer. It is really good though. A visit to San Diego is on the back burner right now though as we are saving for a wedding next Summer. I would love to come down though and i would be in touch if we came down for sure!

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