Boundary Brewing (Construction Update) – Kelowna

Boundary Brewing in Kelowna is nearing the completion of their construction and I was able to get a tour of their space.  The brewery is located very close to the Kelowna International Airport and about a 15 or 20 minute walk from the Campus of the University of British Columbia: Okanagan Campus.  This is a nano brewery with a lot of space to grow if they decide to.

The tasting room is coming together quickly.  The bar is a good mix of wood with some big plastic barrels mixed in (the same that will be used to ferment beer).  I really like the chalk board paint on the walls it adds a nice touch.  The bar has 4 taps that are hooked up to a large keg fridge and will be used as the main taps for the room.  They also have tow taps on the front of the bar that can be used for special kegs when they are busy.

The brewhouse is all set up and ready to go.  The brewery is comprised of two separate one vessel brew systems.  Its a really cool up-scaled homebrew system where everything is done in one vessel until you are ready to ferment.  They will ferment their beer in 45 gallon or 207 Liter plastic barrels in two rooms one a lagering room and one an ale room.  Not only are they drastically cheaper than stainless steel fermentors but they can be changed out cheap if there are any issues.  One weird little quirk of the water that services this building is that in the summer the cold water comes in really warm bordering on hot.  To try and cool the water so that they can use it to chill the beer prior to pitching the yeast they have piped the water into the cooler.  Unfortunately the water ended up being to hot still so they are going to run glycol pipes through the water also.

With the owner Oliver Glaser having German heritage the brewery will specialize in German style beers.  This does not mean that all of their beers will end up being of German styles but they are his favourite to consume.  I was able to taste a few test batches and everything is tasting good so far.  The styles I was able to test out included Dunkelweiss, Alt, Roggenbier, Berliner Weisse and a one off IPA.

I am really looking forward to the grand opening of this brewery.  Lucky enough for Kelowna this should be happening fairly soon!

Boundary Brewing Company Neave Ct
Kelowna, BC


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