Coast Mountain Brewing – Whistler

Coast Mountain Brewing in Whistler has now opened in Function Junction!  After a hike I stopped in for a taste and a tour.


Logo found at Coast Mountain Brewing’s Facebook page.

As with so many breweries in BC there are some great wood finishes in this brewery.  There is even a fireplace on the far wall to give you a great warm ski town cabin feel (This brewery has a seriously warm cabin feeling).  Currently Coast Mountain Brewing has 5 beers on tap with the FieldGuide Ale, Fire Steel Red, Surveyor IPA, Woodnutt Brown Ale and Good Times Kolsch.

Coast Mountain Brewing is very lucky to be the first customer of a brand new brew house manufacturer in BC named Simplified Stainless Systems that has a ton of expertise and history in making systems in this province.   The brew house can be controlled via laptop or cell phone to adjust all kinds of things such as temperature.  The brew system itself is designed to produce 17HL if I remember correctly although the kettle has room for around 25HL to make it easier to make high gravity beers.  The brewery has 6 fermentors to bring lots of different choices for your beer palate.

Coast Mountain Brewing wants to be accessible to everyone in Whistler including foreign tourists and non craft beer drinkers.  With this in mind they will not be putting tasting notes on their cans or beer geeking out to much with their labels (don’t want to overwhelm some).  They will also have a lager available that should be accessible to both the craft beer fan and the standard lager drinker alike.  Kevin Winter is a great brewer and the beer is already tasting great even with the brewery only opening three weeks ago and you should make sure to check them out next time you are in Whistler.

They even won best of fest at the Whistler Village Beer Festival this year beating out over 60 breweries on the same day I stopped in for my visit!

Coast Mountain Brewing
2-1212 Alpha Lake Road
Function Junction
Whistler, BC


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