A Frame Brewing (Construction Update #4) – Squamish

Last time I was able to stop into A Frame Brewing in Squamish was back in late April 2016.  Things have really started to ramp up now!  Last time they had roughly framed in most of the walls as well as had many trenches in the slab.  The slab is now poured and the walls are almost finished.


The lounge area is really coming together now.  The bar area is shaping up as can partially be seen in the first photo.  To the left of the first photo where you can see some tanks there will be a showcase for merchandise.  The second photo is of where the seating area will be located.  What can barley be seen on the left hand side of the second photo is more prominent in the third photo.  There is a signature wall with their Logo on the wall.

The brewery itself is tightly fit in the back of the building.   The brew house backs on the wall that will house the merchandise showcase.  On the opposite side there are 4 fermentors as can be seen in the second photo.  The third photo is of the grain mill room.  Due to limited space they hid a rolling staircase to get up into the grain room.

They hope to be brewing on their system asap and once that happens the wait time to opening will be coming soon after.

A Frame Brewing
38927 Queens Way

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