The Last Mango Wit – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

From Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks in Richmond comes their latest “The Last Mango Wit”.  The beer pours a very cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of tons of mango, wheat and lots of sweetness from the lactose.  The flavour is of mango, citrus, wheat, bready malts, yeast, maybe vanilla and lactose sweetness.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.9% with an IBU of 8.  I don’t go out of my way to try wheat beers as a rule but I love mangos and this beer delivers on the promise of a great fruit infused wit without being overly sweet.

Commercial Description:  A refreshing Belgian wit brewed with fresh mangoes and sweetened with lactose.  A smooth, tropical delight.  Contains fresh mangoes.  Keep refrigerated.


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