Red Barn Fresh Hopped IPA (growler fill) – Foamer’s Folly Brewing Company

From Pitt Meadow’s, BC’s Foamer’s Folly Brewing Company comes their Red Barn Fresh Hopped IPA (growler fill).

Red Barn pours a deep copper with little carbonation showing.  The head is off white and thick, though it dissipates quickly.

The nose is full of astringent hay notes and grassiness.  The malt underneath adds a nice, balancing caramel sweetness to the aromas and it plays nicely with the grapefruit hop notes at the end of the nose.

Surprisingly malty for an IPA the hops are still foremost on the tongue.  An herbaceous bitterness leads over top of a caramel backbone from the malt.  The bitterness holds for a long time on the finish while grassy notes come out around the middle of the sip.  The finish is a bit boozy with good alcohol warmth.

Overall the fresh hop notes are well displayed without sacrificing balance and drinkability.

(8.4%, 70 IBU)


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