Luppolo Brewing – Vancouver

Luppolo Brewing is finally open and Vancouver is one brewery richer!  Owned by two couples Ryan and Eleanor and Anique and Frederico they hope to bring us an Italian brewery atmosphere.


When you walk in the front doors you are met with a very warm space. The lounge has lots of wood finishing and warm lighting that will make you want to stay for a beer or two.  The area behind the bar really has some personality with all of the triangle shapes making a mosaic as you get further down the wall.  I did not get a photo of what the flights look like but they used the triangle templates as the boards for the flights.  They launched with 7 really tasty beers including one fresh hopped option!  Unfortunately I was not able to stop in during their opening hours so the space is very empty but I am sure it looked great while full.

When you head to the back of the lounge near the washrooms you will find a half wall where you can look into the brewing space.  The brewery is a mish mash of brewing equipment.  They have both vertical and horizontal tanks and even a few barrels in the works currently.

Between the brewing space and the lounge you will find the cooler.  The cooler has serving tanks that feed right into the taps in the tasting lounge.

Once the lounge licence comes through they will have food options as can be seen from the make shift kitchen that is in the back.


I have been able to get to know both of the couples that opened this brewery and I can say beyond the beer they are great people and will kill it now that they are open.  If you have not stopped in to the brewery yet then you really need stop in soon.

Luppolo Brewing
1123 Venables Street
Vancouver, BC


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  1. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries

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