Tippy Canoe Wild Rice Ale – Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.

From Kenora Ontario’s Lake of the Woods Brewing Company comes their “Tippy Canoe Wild Rice Ale”.  The beer pours an amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of grainy malts, wild rice and mild fruit.  The flavour is of bready grain, wild rice, caramel, mild fruit, grassy hops but no bittering hops.  The alcohol content comes in at 6% with an IBU of 25.  This beer is no world beater but it is well executed and refreshing.

Commercial Description:  This uniquely northern beer is brewed with malted barley & wild rice. Wild rice (harvested in our area) is added to the boil, giving this beer a distinctive nutty finish. Wild rice, also known as Manoomin, which translates into ‘the good berry’ in Ojibwe, has played a major role in the lives of Ojibwe people in our region for centuries.


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