Andina Brewing Company (Construction Update 2) – Vancouver

Things are coming together at Andina Brewing Company in Vancouver and I thought it was time for a second update to the construction progress.  Andina plans on opening with around 6 beers 4 being core beers and two being seasonals.  As things look so far they should be opening some time in February but you know how brewery openings go.

Things are slowly coming along in the tasting lounge.  The first photo shows the bar area with the short pony walls that will house the bar top.  Behind the bar at the purple spray foam you will find the cooler.  Photo 2 shows the inside of this cooler.  To the left of the cooler you will find the small prep kitchen that will be making the South American inspired foods.  Photo three shows the kitchen.  The kitchen will be enclosed with windows so you can see in but also keep it separate. The last photo is from the kitchen and shows that with the windows on three sides you will be able to see into the brewery through the kitchen.

The last 3 photos are of the brewery.  The brew house and tanks were in the final stages of being hooked up when I stopped in for a look on December 12th.  They have their inspection set for just before the holidays and if all goes well they might be able to start brewing beer very soon!

I am really looking forward to this brewery opening finally and I really hope they hit their February opening month.


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