Strathcona Beer Company Media Night– Vancouver

On December 9th Strathcona Beer Company held a Media and Industry night.


Unfortunately for them that was the beginning of our unseasonable snow in Vancouver and it kept people away.  I was lucky enough to catch a bus that actually made its destination which is surprising in this town when it snows.  When they opened in July there were people that were not 100% happy with the beer they were serving.  The 67 seat lounge was great, the food was tasty and the marketing was on point.  With the months between July and December things have been changing though.  The beer has been trending in the right direction and is tasting quite good now.  Beers like the British IPA are now even award winning!

I had not had any food at the brewery before but that changed at this event.  They had a kale salad that they shared as well as a really tasty pizza.  As a rule I am not a kale fan but this salad was well made and enjoyable on the palate.  The pizza was great and I can happily recommend that you check it out!    Like I hinted above the beers have been maturing and are tasting quite good now.  It is always important to give a brewery or any business some time to come into their own.  This is the time to check them out again and see what you think.

The brewery itself has not changed a ton since the opening when it comes to equipment.  The brewhouse is a 25 Hectoliter brewhouse made by Specific Mechanical on Vancouver Island.  They have 5 fermenters and 5 brite tanks and each has a 5000 liter capacity.  They package in 1L bottles, 650ml bomber and are working on 6 pack cans.  You can also pick up their beer in growler fills.  If you like barrel aged beers then you should take note that they have a small barrel program in the works already.

I look forward to seeing what come out of this brewery in the future.  With a sour program in the works and the beer stepping up daily this brewery has some serious momentum behind it.  It might just be time for you to check them out again.

Strathcona Beer Company
895 East Hastings Street
Vancouver BC, V6A 1R8
Phone: 778.379.9050

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  1. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries

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