Rossland Beer Company update – Rossland BC

Recently Rossland Beer Company in the town of Rossland in the Southern Kootenays contacted me because things have really changed since the last time I stopped in back in 2014.  I thought I better do an update for the brewery because of this.  All photos from this post come from Rossland Beer Company‘s social media accounts.

When I had stopped in the brewery was only a tasting room with a maximum of 12oz per person per day.  Now they have a full lounge license with a capacity of 30 people, have expanded the main floor and even have a patio.  The brewery has become one of the major gathering places in the town.  They do bring in a lot of tourists in all season but the people who call this brewery their own are fiercely local and treat the brewery the same way the old barber shops were treated.  The local hangout!

The brewery is still visible from the tasting lounge as you can look down into it over a railing.  The brewhouse has not changed and is the original brewing equipment from the first location for Bridge Brewing Company in North Vancouver.  They have 3 – 7 barrel fermentors and 1 5 barrel bright tank.  The produce 50 Hectoliters a month but are in the process of trying to acquire more equipment to expand that brewing capacity to at least 100 Hectoliters per month.

If you find yourself in the Kootenays in South Eastern BC then you need to make sure to check out this great little brewery.

We recently did a Pacific Beer Chat episode at Rossland Beer Company check it out here.

Check out my original post about Rossland Beer Company.

Rossland Beer Company
1990 Columbia Ave
Rossland BC, Canada
V0G 1Y0

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