Field House Brewing – Abbotsford

Field House Brewing has been open for almost one year and I thought it was high time I wrote something about the brewery.


Field House Brewing must be the most Cabin like brewery that I have been to.  Now I am not saying it is all that rustic more like a cabin in a Ski resort but its a great feel.  From the Antlers above the taps to the wood burning fireplace you really feel welcome in this space.  On top of coming in for a beer or a growler fill they also sell their beers in 750ml bottles.

Walking back into the brewery itself you will find a cramped space that has been well utilized.  They have a 15 barrel 2 vessel brew house made by Newlands.  They have 6-15 Barrel fermenters, 2-20 Hectoleter fermenters with 1-30 barrel brite tank and 1-15 barrel brite to round it out.  They even have a coolship to play with but unfortunately I did not get a photo of it.

If you live within driving distance and you have not check out this brewery yet I’m not sure what you are waiting for.


Field House Brewing
604-776-BREW (2739)

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  1. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries

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