Yellow Dog Brewing Company – Port Moody

Yellow Dog Brewing in Port Moody has been slowly expanding since they first opened.  They first took over a second unit two doors down for storage and I would assume packaging with the brewery Twin Sails located in between.  Most recently though they have taken over the unit next door in their building.  In the new unit they have added a brand new tasting room and it is epic!


The old tasting room is being removed and this what was left of it when I was last at the brewery.


This tasting room was always cute but had very little capacity and very little seating.  Through a new hole in the wall between this old space that holds their brewery and the new tasting room you get an idea of just how things have changed.

The tasting room is massive compared to almost all other breweries in BC.  Their capacity is 110 people and they now have a patio outside that is twice as large for the Summer months.  They have 20 taps in the tasting room so that there is a beer for anyone and they fill growlers like everyone else.  I especially like the massive Yellow Dog neon light on the one wall.  Back through the hole in the wall you find the brewery itself.

The brew house is a 25 hectoliter system.  They have 3 25 HL Fermenters, 3 50HL Fermenters and 1 75HL Fermenter.  They also have 3 50HL Brite tanks, 3 25HL Brite tanks and 2 75HL brite tanks.  They might even have more tanks on order.  If you have not been out to check out Yellow Dog Brewing yet then it is time to do so.

Yellow Dog Brewing
1-2817 Murray Street
Port Moody, BC

2 comments on “Yellow Dog Brewing Company – Port Moody

  1. […] Next up is the original brewery on the row in Yellow Dog Brewing.  In the official video from BC Ale Trail you get a look at the old tasting room.  Yellow Dog has had a massive expansion very recently and has a new capacity of 101 people if I remember correctly.  Yellow Dog has been known well for their IPA but they make solid beers all around.  Basically every beer is named after something to do with dogs including the Play Dead IPA, Chase My Tail Pale Ale and the Shake a Paw Smoked Porter to name a few.  When they first opened they even let dogs on their back patio but health inspectors put a stop to that sadly.  You won’t find a bad beer on tap here.  To get more info on the brewery click here. […]

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