Andina Brewing Company – Vancouver

Andina Brewing Company has now opened in the East Vancouver neighborhood as of March 1st.  There is no way that you can miss the brewery either if you are driving down Powell Street!


The brewery was opened by Colombian ex-pats in Nicolas and Andres Amaya and their wives.  The brewery is a blend of Canadian and Columbia aesthetics.  Like so many breweries in BC their bar and the tables at all wood topped.  The wood and the white walls has a nice contrast.  The bar wraps all the way around 3 sides on the one side of the tasting room so you can be served beer on one side and have growlers filled on the other side.  They launched with 6 tasty beer and with their South American inspired food menu that features ceviche.  I was not able to try out the food when I stopped in but it looked good.  The beer was all solid at opening but my favourite was the Maraca Passionfruit Black IPA.  From the tasting room you can see into the kitchen and into the brewery though windows.

The brewery side of the building is cavernous.  There is so much room for expansion this place is geared for success.  Andina Brewing has a 23HL system.  They currently have 4 – 60HL fermenters and also have one 46HL brite tank.  They also have a cute little test batch system so that they can experiment with new beer  recipes.  Their beer are North American style beers that infuse South American ingredients to add some flair to the beer.  Andrew Powers was hired as the Head Brewer from his previous job at Red Truck.

I recommend stopping in to the brewery right away to try some beer that is a little different than the norm and some tasty South American food.


Andina Brewing
1507 Powell Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Call (604) 253-2400

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