Granville Island Brewing Summer Ale Boat Cruise – Vancouver

A few weeks ago I was invited on a boat cruise with Granville Island Brewing to celebrate their Lions Summer Ale.

Who would turn down a boat cruise in the Vancouver Harbor?  The bar on board was serving their Lions Summer Ale as well as some other Granville Island Brewing favourites.  Personally I stuck with the beer of honor for the day.  I enjoyed the first few of these beers when I had them on a cloudy day but I can say for certain that it pairs even better on a sunny warm summer day.

The boat brought us on a scenic tour of the harbour including around Stanley Park and around the Convention Centre.  They had tasty snacks to go with the great views.  They also had some live music to liven up the mood.

Wherever you find yourself be it on a boat, patio or some other beautiful location this would be a great companion!  Pick up some for yourself soon.

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