(Trail Brew) Damn Right – Twin Sails

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Trail Brew
Diez Vistas – Buntzen Lake
Damn Right – Twin Sails

On Sunday April 29th I was out for a hike when the idea for a semi regular series came to me.  This series will be called Trail Beer and will be both about the hike and a beer review of the beer I consume on the trail.  I never recommend hiking alone although I do it often myself with the safety net of too much gear and a spot locator in case I get lost or hurt.  It is always more fun to hike with a buddy anyways.  But being in my head for 4+ does help kick the cobwebs out.

My Sunday hike brought me out to Buntzen Lake a BC Hydro reservoir and recreation area.  In the summer this place is a magnet for beach lovers and hikers alike.  If it is a nice day though…

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