(Trail Brew) Mental Floss Double Dry Hopped IPA – Beere Brewing

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Norvan Falls – Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Mental Floss Double Dry Hopped IPA – Beere Brewing

On May 6th I headed out with a friend for an early morning hike to Norvan Falls in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver.  This is one of the more rugged parks in the Metro Vancouver Regional Park system and many trails do not open until late Summer due to snow pack.  I am happy to report that the road inside the park gates has seen fixed and there is no longer slope instability so they have reopened the road to the parking lots and overflow parking.  Like most places you really need to arrive at this park within the first few hours of the gate opening.  As of writing this post the gates open at 7am.

This trail starts at the parking lot for Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.  You can check…

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