Beer Gadgets

This page aims to bring together all reviews that have been posted on Mike’s Craft Beer of Gadgets and Books/Films that relate to Craft Beer. This list will continue to grow as we find more books and gadgets to review.

Beer Gadgets

Happy Hour Timepieces – The ISH
Like a good watch?  This one is a good looking watch but also has a bottle opener built in!

Growler Werks uKEG 64 Copper Plated

Why not have an amazing insulated growler with a tapping system that works flawlessly. 

Final Touch Watermelon Tapping Kit

Tap a watermelon or Pumpkin with your favourite beer.

Pop & Stop (Open – Drink – Seal)
Open your beer and seal it for the next day

Insulated Growler Tap System (

Who doesn’t like to enjoy their growler over a week.  Tap Systems can help.

The Perfect Black and Tan

Pour a black and tan like a pro!

Insulated Growler (

Keep you beer cold without a fridge!

Growl Tap (TapIt Cap)

Turn your 64oz (1.89L) growler into a tap system.

Do it Yourself Bottle Waxing

Age your beer with less worry or oxygen spoiling your beer.

Craft Beer Related Books / Films

Aleberta (Our Beer History) – FIlm
A three part film on the history of beer in the province of Alberta.

How to Drink Beer in Mandarin
Written By: Rick Green
Learn the Mandarin words that tie into craft beer, the drinking culture and learn about the craft breweries and beer halls in China

Brewing Revolution (Pioneering the Craft Beer Movement)
A great  Autobiography about Frank Appleton on his beginnings starting the Brewing Revolution in British Columbia and beyond.  This book is a page turner if you are into craft beer and its history.

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