We try to keep up with all the latest releases Locally and from abroad but it is not always possible.  If you do not see your brew on this blog and you would like to see it send us a message at or post a reply below.  From here we can discuss what options are available. Breweries and distributors can now also use the Support link on the website to guarantee minimum one review a month of their products! Click here.

This is open to all Breweries and Distributors that deal in Craft Beer from all over Canada and around the world.  If your beer does not fall into the Craft Beer category I thank you for your interest in our blog but our passion is Craft Beer only.  We have addresses in both BC and Washington.

We would love to support all craft breweries with publishing their press releases on out Facebook page.  If we do not currently post your press releases please message me so we can make sure we are on your mailing lists.

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