Shake Your Fruity Milkshake India Pale Ale – R&B Brewing

From Vancouver BC’s R&B Brewing comes the “Shake Your Fruity Milkshake India Pale Ale” the newest beer in their Mount Pleasant Series of beers.  The beer pours a cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of tons of fruit including orange, pineapple and berries with lactose.  The flavour is of lactose, orange, pineapple, tropical fruits, berries, citrus rind, mild resin, earth and some bitterness.  This beer has a ton of body from all of the oats used.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.3% with an IBU of 38.  The Milkshake IPA isn’t for everyone but I am a total convert.  Keep these fruit bombs coming with the nice sweet finish.

Commercial Description:  What is a Milkshake IPA?  It’s not just a clever name — these are hoppy beers, brewed with oats and lactose sugar in order to produce a thick, milky, sweet, and often fruity brew. To the beer world, this brew style resembles a classic milkshake.  Brewed with oats and apple puree for a soft and full body. Primary flavours are of juicy orange and pineapple.




Coconut Showers Milkshake IPA – Boombox Brewing

From Boombox Brewing located at Callister Brewing in East Vancouver comes their “Coconut Showers Milkshake IPA”.  The beer pours a cloudy orange colour with a small off white head.  The aroma consists of toasted coconut, lactose and some citrus fruit.  The flavour is of sweet and toasted coconut, creamy lactose, citrus, toffee, mild earth and some very mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 7.1%.  This was a tasty Milkshake IPA but it comes in at the slightly to sweet side for my personal preference.

Commercial Description:  ‘Coconut Showers’ Milkshake IPA. Featuring lactose and toasted coconuts courtesy of our friend Matt of @eastsidebeerfood. Growlers will be filled but are limited to 2L of milkshake per person. See you there!


Test Batch Kiwi IPA – Bridge Brewing Company 

Bridge Brewing Company in North Vancouver has jumped on the bandwagon of the Milkshake IPA with their “Test Batch Kiwi IPA”. Not only are these beers cloudy like the North East IPA’s but they are also infused with Lactose to make them creamy and sweeter. The beer pours a deep cloudy orange with a white head and Mild lacing. The aroma consists of lots of kiwi and citrus fruits with an overall juicyness, lactose sweetness, caramel and some floral hops. The flavour is of juicy kiwi and citrus fruits, caramel, lactose sweetness, hint of resin and some hops bite without having very much bitterness. The alcohol content comes in at 5.6% with an IBU of 40. I may be lactose intolerance but holy do I like where this new substyle is going. If you find yourself at Bridge Brewing check out this beer!

Two Straws Milkshake IPA – Twin Sails Brewing

From Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody comes their “Two Straws Milkshake IPA” with Mango and Pineapple.  The beer pours a very cloudy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of pineapple, mango, lactose sweetness and some floral hops.  The flavour is of pineapple, mango, citrus with overly juicy fruits, lactose, mild hops bitterness but not much malts.  This is a serious fruit bomb.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.5% with an IBU of 15.  While I would usually complain that an IPA has such a low IBU this beer is so bloody flavourful that I would recommend it to anyone!