Steve’s Beer Advent Calendar Day 5 – Red Velvet – Ballast Point Brewing

Day 5

The bottle encourages you to “pour with purpose. For the best experience turn upside down and pour quickly. ” Doing that you get a pretty lively white nitro head over a bright red beer. Moderately clear with suspended particles and fast bubbles.

The nose leads with a sharp red wine vinegar acidity followed by floral sweetness

The flavours are smooth and mellow as is the mouthfeel. The nitrogen and oatmeal make for a silky beer on the tongue. There is a mild fruity sweetness and a vanilla note.

Commercial Description:

This stout takes the cake.

Our Red Velvet oatmeal stout is a mind-bending beer. Like the cake that inspired it, the deep red color comes from beets, which add a rich, earthy character that complements the chocolate flavor and aroma. The foamy head of the nitro pour is our “icing”, adding a creamy smoothness to the mouthfeel. But this liquid dessert still finishes like a beer – not sweet, but just as satisfying.


Warehouse Stout – Yaletown Brewing Co.

From Vancouver’s Yaletown Brewing Co.’s taps comes the “warehouse Stout” a Nitrogen Stout.  This beer pours an opaque black with a thick creamy tan head.  The beer has the aromas of roasted malts, and black coffee.  The flavor has much more complexity including roasted malts, black coffee, dark chocolate, and a touch of both caramel and hops.  The warehouse Stout has a very creamy finish like all Nitrogen Stouts do.   The beer has an alcohol content of 4.5% wich is pretty standard for a non-imperial stout.  Like all Mark James Group Pubs currently you can either purchase their beer on tap or fill up your growler on site.

  oops it was good

Nitro Pour Oatmeal Stout – Red Racer Brewing

From Red Racer Brewing (Central City Brewing) out of Surrey BC comes the “Nitro Pour Oatmeal Stout”.  As the name would suggest the beer pours a very black opaque colour that you can hold up to a light and not see it.  When smelling the beer you get the aromas of both oatmeal and malts.  The beer tastes of both oatmeal and malts and has the slightly bitter hops flavour and body that a nitrogen carbonated beer gives you.  For the laymen think Guinness with a kick of hops.