Woodnutt Brown Ale – Coast Mountain Brewing

From the new brewery on the block in Whistler BC Coast Mountain Brewing comes their “Woodnutt Brown Ale” a beer named after a friend and investor in the brewery (And a great name for a nut brown).  The beer pours a chestnut brown with a brown head.  The aroma consists of caramel, nuts, roasted malts and some earth.  The flavour is of nuts, mild roasted malts, caramel, earth and some bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5.25%.  There are not enough brown ales in BC and I am glad that the market has a new one to be enjoyed now and I did enjoy it.

Commercial Description:  The perfect fall sipper, the Woodnutt Brown Ale is beer full of flavours like caramels, biscuits, chocolate and a slight hint of coffee bean. Enjoy the Woodnutt with the best of friends right here at home in Whistler, BC.


Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale – Dead Frog Brewery

Limited Edition

From Aldergove’s Dead Frog Brewery comes their new “Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale”.  This Imperial Nut Brown pours a deep brown colour with a brown head.  The aroma consists of sweet malts and dark fruits.  The flavour is of dark fruits, sweet malts, toffee and some alcohol warmth.  The alcohol content comes in at a strong 9% with an IBU of 22.

Commercial Description:  The suped-up big brother of our Classic Nut Brown Ale. This deep brown brew takes our favourite malts from The Classic and adds in some Maris Otter & Carastan for a complex malt forward brew with flavours of chocolate, toffee, roasted nuts & espresso. A slight hint of warmth from the increased alcohol percentage rounds out with the finish beautifully.


Firehouse Amber Ale – Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.

From Kenora Ontario’s Lake of the Woods Brewing Company comes their “Firehouse Amber Ale” oddly enough classed and English Nut Brown Ale on their website.  Not sure what is going on with the name on this one.  The beer pours a deep amber colour with a brownish head.  The aroma consists of roasty malts, sweet toffee, caramel and some nuttiness.  The flavour is of roasted malts, smoke, caramel, toffee, nuts and a mild bitter finish.  The alcohol content comes in at a nice 4.8% with an IBU of 28.  This is a nice easy drinking ale even if it doesn’t know what it is.

Commercial Description:  Our Firehouse Amber is sweet and malty on the pallet. Infused with nutty, toffee like characteristics. You won’t want to rush through this well-balanced, slightly spicy and caramelized amber ale.

History Behind name:  “IT WOULD ONLY MAKE SENSE FOR US TO DEDICATE THE NAME OF OUR FLAGSHIP ENGLISH NUT BROWN TO OUR BREWERY LOCATION IN KENORA’S HISTORIC FIRE HALL (BUILT IN 1912) and to the courageous local firefighters (past and present) that have served our community.  Prior to having a fire hall or a fire department in the area, a roaring fire tore through the streets of Kenora burning down most everything in its path and leaving very few businesses and homes standing. The town was devastated and the local outcry resulted in the formation of a volunteer fire department and the first Kenora fire hall located on Main Street. The next few years were filled with tragic irony as the original fire hall burned down in 1889 and then the second in 1891. The third fire hall, this time made of stone, was built on the current site of the Kenora Public Library. It also burned to the ground.  Over the next year, Fire Chief F.A. Hudson oversaw the design and construction of a new state of the art fire hall, the current site of Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. The new hall, made of brick and stone, was said to be “…as near to perfection as possible.” The Kenora Fire Department used this Second Avenue fire hall from its opening in 1913 until 2010, when the Department moved to its new 14th Street North location.  Thank you to LOW Museum for providing the historical facts for this story. To learn more please contact the Museum at http://www.lakeofthewoodsmuseum.ca/

IMG_00002010 lake of the woods firehouse amber ale

Cherry Nut Brown – R&B Brewing (R and B Brewing) (Draft)

From Vancouver’s R&B Brewing comes the “Cherry Nut Brown” a beer brewed exclusively for Bitter Tasting Room.  The beer pours a brown colour with a light brown head.  The aroma is of malts, nuts and a semi sweet cherry.  The flavour is of malts, nuts, mild cherry, mild bitterness and amore tart than sweet finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  This was a very nice tasting beer so don’t let the Cherry scare you into thinking it is ultra sweet or anything!  All cherries used in this beer were picked in the Okanagan by one of the guys at Bitter Tasting Room.

IMG_00000842 R&b brewing cherry Nut brown

Big Head Nut Brown – The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

From Canmore Alberta’s The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company comes their “Big Head Nut Brown”.  This Nut Brown Ale pours a reddish brown colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of roasty malts, caramel, nuts like hazelnuts and almonds and an overall sweetness.  The flavour is of roasted malts, caramel, hazelnut and almond and an overall sweetness.  The alcohol content of the beer is 6%.  This is a very nice beer and I hope I will be able to get more of their beers in the future!

Commercial Description: This is a smooth, medium bodied classic brown ale.  A crisp mouth feel, with sweet caramel body, mild hops, and gentle finish, lend to the easy enjoyment of this beer.  Brewed from pale malts and four varieties of roast malts this beer has a pleasant malty character. Certainly not a stout, this is a clean, roast flavoured beer.  A great alternative to both the Red and Stout.