Brewing Revolution (Pioneering the Craft Beer Movement) – Book Review

Without Frank Appleton craft beer quite likely would be nothing like it is in British Columbia today.  I’m not saying it would not have happened but between Frank Appleton the author of this Biography and John Mitchell opening up the first Brew Pub in Canada since prohibition they helped spark the revolution we have today.


This book was a real page turner for people interested in the Craft Beer industry in this province.  You may not have heard of him but in craft beer circles he is a rock star.  The book starts with his early career as an Industrial Microbiologist and his eventual immigration from England to Canada.  It talks of his time at O’Keefe Brewery one of the big breweries of the 1960’s and how that part of his career progressed and then regressed.  It gets into how John Mitchell got him on board to start Horseshoe Bay Brewing at the Troller Pub in West Vancouver in 1982. This was the first brewpub in Canada and one of the first in North America after prohibition!

Not only did he help set up Horseshoe Bay Brewing’s system and their first recipes but he has been involved with many other breweries in Canada and around the world.  One of the most impressive breweries that he helped design and set up was for Deschutes Brewery in Oregon.  He did such a good job that when they upgraded their system they hired him back to design that system also.

Without delving into to much detail about the book and ruining the reading experience I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves craft beer and its history.  You do not have to be from British Columbia to enjoy this book as Frank Appleton helped spur on the Craft Beer boom in the country of Canada and helped get some really popular breweries up and running outside of Canada.

It is people Like Frank that make the Craft Beer industry the amazing industry and make people like me want to advocate for it!

Pick up your copy of the book at from the following locations:

Harbour Publishing

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How to Drink Beer in Mandarin – Book Review

Have you ever dreamed of going to China on holiday and enjoy good beer?  Are you originally from China and have gotten a taste for Craft Beer abroad?


There is finally a book designed to help you!  Rick Green a writer from Vancouver, BC Canada has written “How to Drink Beer in Mandarin” An English-Chinese Craft Beer Glossary.

Drinking good beer has not always been easy in Asia as Macro Beer brands have been the dominant choice much like North America. Luckily times are changing world wide including in China. This book has a list of every Brewery, Brew Pud and German Beer Hall currently open in China (there is also a mailing list to get updates on new breweries).


Where this book really excels though is in its deeper information into the Chinese words that pertain to Craft Beer and the culture surrounding drinking in China.

If you want to find Craft Beer it is important to know it is translated to this for example.

craft beer
jīngniàng píjiǔ 精酿啤酒

Do you want an IPA?

India pale ale (IPA)
yìndù dànsè àiěr 印度淡色艾尔

The list of words is quite large and really covers anything you would need to know to get the beer you want and some of the phrasing to use to get it.

The book also gets deep into the culture of beer drinking and culture of eating and drinking in a group. Chinese culture is much different than other places in the world and it can be important to know that.

Rick has also laid out a great list of other books, apps and videos to help you plan and enjoy your trip.

I really recommend picking up this ebook for you or anyone you know that is looking to travel to China and enjoys a good beer!

To purchase this book click the link below.