Budweiser Superbowl Commercial 2015

Brewed The Hard Way

At this point if you have not heard about the anti craft beer commercial that Budweiser aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday February 1st, 2015 then you either not a beer fan or are living under a rock.  Either way here is the video just so you can get up to date.  Budweiser has thrown out the statement that they Brew the Hard Way.

This commercial caused a massive uproar on social media that was directed right at Budweiser.  It even caused them to do a large amount of backpedaling to say that they are not anti craft beer just very pro Bud.  The commercial made me angry to begin with but the longer the commercial ran the more it made me laugh.  Budweiser has shown with this commercial that they are officially afraid of the craft beer explosion.  They even just purchased a brewery that makes a Pumpkin Peach Porter that is made fun of in this commercial in Elysian Brewing.  If you want to follow some of the uproar that this commercial has caused just search it on Google and there is a non stop list of articles.

What happened next though was priceless.  Breweries across the United States started to create their own parody commercials.

The first Parody I found was from Abita Beer out of Louisiana.  It is a short piece but pokes fun at Bud.

Next up came a commercial from a brewery I am very familiar with as they sell most of the releases now in BC in Ninkasi Brewing out of Oregon.  This commercial is dubbed “Brewed The Easy Way?” and runs almost as long as the Bud version.

Then there was Hopstories that created a commercial that runs through a bunch of different breweries all in Washington I believe.

Even Brewhampshirefilms.com got in on the act and showcased breweries from New Hampshire.

Double Mountain Brewing has now jumped into the frey with their brewmaster making a Pumpkin beer with Budweiser.

Now even my local beer week Vancouver Craft Beer Week has made a parody commercial.

I don’t think this commercial would have pissed off so many people if Budweiser had just not claimed that they brew the hard way.  Craft Brewers brew by hand with varying degrees of automation.  Many brewers have to get right into the tanks to remove all of the spent grain after brewing.  Most brewers have to drop each bag of grain into the grain mill to break down their malts.  Breweries such as Budweiser do none of this.  Their malts come out of huge grain silos (or silos full of rice or corn) that are funneled into grain mills by massive hoppers.  Some even use High Fructose Corn Syrup to replace large portions of malt.  The malts are then extracted by rakes in the massive brewing systems.  Very little to no hands on brewing is done.

Storm Brewing Brewing Easy

New Belgium anti Bud

If you love flavour and aroma you will be drawn to craft beer and if you want to drink to black out you will drink macro beer such as Budweiser.

Miller Coors couldn’t help but join the Budweiser bashing with a twitter add that stated “We Believe All Beers Should Be Fussed Over”.


While I know they are only trying to cash in on the anti Budweiser sentiment it was still interesting to see.  Now I do not agree with them as I will never fuss over Macro Beer but I digress.

I know the saying is that no press is bad press but I think in this case that this may not be true.  With Macro Beer sales plummeting and craft beer sales on a huge rise this could have been a serious blunder.  Only time will tell but I am looking forward to the battle!

Bud Urinal
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To pint, or not to pint (An Editorial)

I have been noticing a disturbing trend.  Here are my thoughts on the topic of serving sizes.

Like most people that enjoy craft beer I want to know the volume of beer in my glass when out at a pub or restaurant.  Some people may assume this is only due to a person wanting more beer per glass but this is not the case.  Being a cost conscious person it is always good to know the cost vs. volume for the beer you enjoy.  It may be priced well for a full 20oz pint but horribly expensive for a 12oz sleeve.  As such, I am a big supporter of Camra Vancouver’s F.U.S.S. Campaign (Fess Up to Serving Sizes) that pushes for licensee’s to post what their serving sizes are.  We as consumers want to know if we are getting a Pint (20oz) or one of many sizes of sleeves (12oz, 16oz etc.).  Recently I have noticed a shift in this movement from outside of Camra though that disturbs me.   More than a few people have taken to Twitter and Facebook and gone on the offensive.  If a pub, restaurant, brewery or café is not serving a full 20oz pint they head to social media to dissuade people from being patrons of these businesses until they start serving pints.  These people have missed the point of the campaign!  Not all beer should be served in a pint glass.  Beers such as Barley Wines and other big flavour, big alcohol beer are better enjoyed in smaller glasses and as such the proper glassware for the style are smaller.  The aim of a night out drinking craft beer for many is not to get drunk but to enjoy the many flavours and Nuances of these well-crafted ales and lagers.  As long as the price matches the serving size these businesses might actually be doing you a favour.  Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down to a few different glasses of beer?  Let’s stop causing issues for our local businesses championing craft beer.  If they serve a “pint” that is under 20oz make a FUSS but otherwise just enjoy your great beer and remember it was not that long ago we had to hunt for a high quality draft beer.

Camra Vancouver’s F.U.S.S reading material

What are your opinions on the topic?