The Twelve Beers of Christmas – 9 – Howe Sound Brewing Father Johns Winter Ale

Steve’s Ninth Beer of Christmas is Howe Sound Brewing of Squamish’s Father John’s Winter Ale.

Let’s get this part out of the way now: I love this beer. OK on to the review.

Starting on a great brown colour with red highlight with a reddish brown head. The beer is slightly cloudy and fairly opaque.

The nose has mellow cedar with tropical fruit underneath (maybe papaya?). A bit of faint cinnamon or nutmeg floats underneath everything and just a hint of candy sweetness but not too much and a malty roundness finishes the aromas.

The flavours start bold and almost rough with brown ale and rough acid fade quickly to papaya with an almost sake-like rice flavour. A cedar aftertaste is very nice and I wait very long between sips to enjoy it. The mouthfeel is full and rich with a buttery feel.

Yup, love this beer