Raspberry Sour – Green Leaf Brewing Co

From North Vancouver’s Green Leaf Brewing Co at Lonsdale Quay comes their “Raspberry Sour”.  The beer pours a deep red colour with a red head.  The aroma consists of raspberries with tartness and sweetness.  The flavour is of rasberries, mild earth, tartness and a very dry finish.  The alcohol content comes in at 6%.  Being a raspberry sour it does not stray far from the one fruit but it is quite tasty and worth a pick up!  Especially if you head to the brewery and try out all of their sours on tap currently.

Commercial Description:  A pound of raspberry for every liter of our Blonde Ale Sour.


Acid Trip Soured Wheat Ale – Big River Brewing Company

From Richmond BC’s Big River Brewing Company located inside the Zone Bowling Centre comes their “Acid Trip Soured Wheat Ale”.  Relatively recently there was a shakeup at the Brewpub and there was a new brew master that took over. His name is Bill and he is changing this up with the beer lineup.  The Acid Trip pours a cloudy orange, straw colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of mild tartness, wheat, yeast and some spices.  The flavour is of mild lactic acid sourness, wheat, yeast, citrusy lemon and pineapple.  The alcohol content comes in at 3.4% with an IBU of 3.  I am quite pleased with this beer as I am a massive sour beer fan and I also love a good sessionable ale.  You couldn’t go wrong grabbing a pint of this or a growler fill either!

Commercial Description:  Fermented with lactic acid producing bacteria to be assertively sour, yet refreshingly light.  With hints of lemon and pienapple, this beer is fabulous with food and does not compete with your palette.

big river acid trip