NEW BELGIUM INDUSTRY PARTY (BC Launch Party) – Vancouver BC – August 27, 2013

The distributor Beerthirst has been hard at work recently bringing all kinds of great beer into British Columbia and Canada in general.  Their newest brand to come into the fold is really exciting!  It was announced on July 16th that New Belgium Brewing was coming to BC debuting at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria on September 6th, 2013 and then hitting the stores soon after.


To help spread the word of the impending launch of this brand Beerthirst held an industry party for people in the beer industry and local bloggers.  The launch party happened on August 27th, 2013.  The following excerpt came from the invite email and sums it up perfectly.

“It’s finally here! New Belgium Brewing has begun peddling their way into Beautiful British Columbia! But before they roll into the market, we want to familiarize all you wonderful people in the industry with the New Belgium offerings, by putting on a fun and interactive night.” (Beerthirst)

The event was held at the Uber Lounge at Steamworks Brewpub from 5pm until 10pm.  The whole crew from Beerthirst was there as well as a few reps from New Belgium Brewing including Mat Robertson (The Oregon Beer Ranger).  Right inside the doors there was pints of Fat Tire Amber Ale and Ranger IPA being poured.  Both amazing beer with lots of flavour.  Quickly great little appies were served including veggie springrolls, flatbread, meatballs, quinoa burgers and other great snacks.  Wandering into the Uber Lounge proper we were greeted by two amazing Lips of Faith series brews.  First was the Heavenly Feijoa Tripel (collaboration with Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel) and the Pluot.  If you have not had the pleasure of trying any of the Lips of Faith series beers yet you should expect a sour or wild ale.

There were all kinds of familiar faces including people from local breweries, liquor stores, bloggers, Camra executives and other local craft beer enthusiasts.  We all talked about the beer being served discussing what we tasted and what ones were our favourites.  One thing everyone agreed on was that they were very excited that these amazing brews were finally on their way to BC and we didn’t have to drive to Bellingham to get them anymore.  Here are some photos of all the great people!

Having already done a review of Fat Tire I will write review of the other three beers at the event and link them back to this post as soon as I can.  I will say that between this  event and beers I have picked up in the US over the years that every beer geek out there should be very excited about this launch and should stock all your local liquor stores facebook, twitter and websites and while your at it do the same with Beerthirst!  Just to prove that New Belgium is just as excited to finally bring their beer outside of the United States they have done a commemorative label for the first batch of Fat Tire coming to Canada!


I would like to thank Beerthirst for inviting me to this event as well as all the other great people that were there that night who made it a fun, informative and super social event!  I would also like to thank New Belgium Brewing for not only sending their beers to BC but for sending up a few friendly, knowledgeable staff members to spead the gospel of Bew Belgium.  I look forward to finding all your great brews in Local Metro Vancouver stores!


New Belgium Brewing
500 Linden Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 221-0524

Steam Whistle loves Vancouver and the Good Beer Folks want to celebrate VCBW – June 5th 2013

On June 5th 2013 Steam Whistle Brewing out of Toronto Ontario held a party in Vancouver to help celebrate Vancouver Craft Beer Week (Unofficially) at the Butcher and Bullock.  The party was for loyal customers and local Beer Bloggers.  Steam Whistle Pilsner was poured and paired with a bunch of appies like chicken wings, breaded prawns and samosas to name what I can remember.  Some cool swag was given out like a 1L branded stein and a bottle opener.  The party was full of great friendly people some that I knew already and some that I just met that night!  This party reminded me that a good pilsner can be a great beer on a hot day.  This is something I have forgotten over the last few years while I have dived head first into the craft beer world.  Thanks so much Mike & James (Vancouver Reps) and Marina for the invite to a great event and for reminding me to pick up a pilsner on a hot day!

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Launch Party (Cloak & Dagger CDA) April 23rd 2013 – Granville Island Brewing

Granville Island Brewing has decided to re-brand their 650ml Limited Release Bomber Series to the “Black Note Book Series”.  The Brewmaster Vern has a black note book with his notes and recipes and this book inspired the new direction.


In honor of the first release of this re-branding they held a launch party at the Brewery on Granville Island (all Bomber releases are brewed on site on Granville Island!).  This invite only event was attended by local bloggers and people in the craft beer industry locally.  Steve and I were lucky enough to both be invited!    When you checked into the event you were given drink tickets to sample not only the brand new “Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale” but also their “Imperial IPA”, “Irish Red” and their “Barley Wine“.  As soon as you walked in you were handed a small approximately 2oz sample of the Cloak & Dagger.


Once everyone had arrived Vern called the Room to attention.  He explained the ideas behind the re-branding and talked a bit about this first brew in the new series.  He also talked about the little note book that everyone at the event would be getting that gives notes on this years “Note Book” releases as well some room to take notes.  Another Granville Island Brewing employee took over and expanded the conversation a bit.  He even took a shot at Verns drawing skills letting everyone know the new art style is not Verns work (it led to some laughs).  One the talking was finished the night moved over to what the night was really about, tasting great beer and discussing it with like minded people.  To expand on the great beer being sampled Granville Island Brewing brought in the “Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts” to provide appies that were paired to all 4 brews.  The students brought their A game and made some delicious foods that went amazingly with the beer!

If this new Cascadian Dark Ale is an indicator of what is to come in the next year then there is reason to be very excited!  This brew is amazing and you can tell that Vern is very proud of his creation (as he should be!).  The consensus in the crowd was the same as mine with the “Cloak & Dagger”, everyone loved it and could not wait until they could let others know about it!  Sadly the Launch Party had to end at some point and it really came to fast.  It was great to talk with local bloggers and beer advocates and great to finally meet Vern in person.

Keep up the great work Vern!

I was also very impressed that GIB handed out Taxi Vouchers to anyone that wanted them!  Don’t Drink and Drive!  On the way out the door every person that attended the Launch was given a package with a bomber of the CDA a Black Note Book Series Tasting Guide and two small sample glasses both with the new branding!


Thanks for the invite Steve and I both really appreciated it and enjoyed the Party.

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