Back Hand of God – Crannog Ales

From Sorrento BC’s Crannog Ales comes the “Back Hand Of God” Stout. This beer is currently only sold inside British Columbia as it is brewed on an organic farm and they want to ensure the beer is as fresh as possible. They grow many of the ingredients for their beer and the spent grains are fed to the animals on the farm. All of their ales are only available on tap in BC pubs and restaurants. Every ale they produce is a Certified Organic Irish style Ale.  The beer pours a black opaque colour with a light chocolaty brown head. The beer has an amazing aroma of Oatmeal, malt, coffee and chocolate. The beers taste is a good as its smell with oatmeal, coffee, milk, sweet chocolate and mild hops flavors. The beer has an alcohol content of 5.2% and an IBU of 18.  This is an amazing stout and should be given a go if you find it on a menu at a beer parlor near you!