Soirée Dieu Du Ciel (beer list) – Steel Toad Brewpub

Not only is Steel Toad Brewpub hosting a great event with the Soirée Dieu Du Ciel that will bring the founder and master brewer Jean Francois Gravel to Vancouver to discuss his beer but they will be putting some rare beers on tap that have never been seen in this province.


The event Runs from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday February 25th, 2017 and tickets go for $40.  The ticket includes a commemorative glass and 4 beer tokens.

Down to brass tax.  Here is the list of 10 of 12 beers on tap and the three beers in bottles.

Ultra Mosaika
Grande Noirceur 2015
Hérétique Blonde
Hérétique Obscura
Rigor Mortis Brandy/Cognac
Isseki Nicho Pinot 2015
Exorciste Mûres 2015

Solstice D’Hiver Barrel Aged
Peche Mortel Barrel Aged

Check out the facebook event page.

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Rookies & Legends – VCBW – June 5th, 2015


Vancouver Craft Beer Week has once again come and gone. From all accounts the entire week was a massive success.

Due to my schedule and many other factors I was only able to make it out to one event this year.  This one event happened to be the Rookies & Legends event at 12 Kings Pub.  The event brought together 24 BC breweries 12 Rookies and 12 Legends and raised money for the BC Craft Brewers Guild.

Rookies: Yellow Dog, Bomber, 4 Mile, Powell Street (New Location), Moody Ales, Bridge (New Location), Postmark, Steel & Oak, Strange Fellows, Barkerville, BC Craft Brewers Guild, 33 Acres

Legends: Hoyne, Tree, Stanely Park, Fernie, Central City, Philips, Parallel 49, Red Truck, Townsite, Vancouver Island, Steamworks, Whistler, Four Winds

All of the breweries were on hand mixing with the crowd at the event.  The 12 Rookies were poured at the regular bar in the pub while the 12 Legends were poured in a backroom that I did not even know existed.  The back room also housed the food table which made it a popular room.

I was happy to see that some of the breweries brought out some new or limited release beers to make things interesting as many events cater to the new craft beer fan not the experienced aficionado.  Having two bar setups instead of different stands for every brewery meant for quick thinking for every sample of beer.  You had to have your decision made before you made it to the bar as they were trying to make everything move quickly and smoothly.  They did a great job of trying to keep the lines moving really quickly also!  The event was sold out but it went off without a hitch with really good service and smiles all around.  I look forward to next years Vancouver Craft Beer Week as well as the next event they hold at 12 Kings Pub!

Science World Adult Evening – Vancouver BC

Every once and a while Science World at the Telus World of Science holds evening events for Adults only.  This event really interested me for two reasons.  One was that there was a Lego exhibit and I still love Lego and second was that for the first time they were serving Parallel 49 Brewing beer!  What an amazing mix that Science World gives us on these nights as we can have craft beer or wine while trying out all of the exhibits and watching all of the demonstrations meant for children but altered for the adult crowd.  I went with one of my friends and her good friend.  We had a ridiculously good time!  Here are some photos!

The event was beyond fun and as long as great craft beer is poured I will keep coming back.  Here are some videos from the event.

This is like a giant hamster wheel. It was fun to play with!

This is the new polarized glass that they have at Science World. Pretty cool tech.

This is a wooden block tower that the staff built and the tipsy adults tried to knock down by throwing balls

A pan around the main level of Science World

Feeling tired? Lie down on a bed of nails

Its Fireball time


Science World holds these events at least every 2 months and they are well worth checking out.  Especially if they keep serving great local craft beer be in Parallel 49 again or some other local brewery.  I know I will be back and I hope to see many more beer friends their again.

Full sized photos can be found here

Check out the link to the Adult Events page