Beer League Bash (3rd Annual) – Vancouver

On March 11, 2017 Bomber Brewing hosted the Third Annual Beer League Bash at Britannia Community Rink in East Vancouver.  The event ran from 4-10pm and cost $25 a ticket which got you three beer tickets.  More sample tickets could be purchased for $1.25 or for donated hockey gear.

From Bomber Brewing:  100% of the proceeds go to support Britannia After School Hockey. This great youth program gives kids, that normally would not have the opportunity to play hockey, a chance to play. BASH supplies all of their gear and provides coaches/mentors to help develop not just hockey, but life skills. Through this event, the local craft brewery community has helped to raise close to $5000 a year in cash and donated gear to support this program. Come out and enjoy some great beer and some mediocre hockey and help us surpass that level this year.

From me:  This event helps support an amazing program that helps kids be part of a team and learn life skills in a sport that is usually very cost prohibitive. I wanted to play as a child but my family could not afford it. This BASH program helps keep kids occupied with life lessons and a fun sport so that they do not end up getting in trouble with gangs and drugs. Or at least gives them a fighting chance. East Vancouver is traditionally not as well off as other areas of Metro Vancouver and the kids really need programs such as this. Supporting this event and the BASH program itself is enriching children’s lives and I am all for that!  

This fundraiser consists of a beer league hockey tournament and a beer festival.  Starting with the beer festival in the stands.

The breweries that came to support the BASH were as follows:  Bomber Brewing, Central City, Moody Ales, Parallel 49, Main Street, Powell Brewery, Yellow Dog, Steamworks, Bridge, Steel & Oak, Red Truck, Callister, Strange Fellows, Doans and Luppolo Brewing.


I really appreciated that some of the breweries brought out beer that was brand new or fairly new to try as this event does seem to bring out the industry and not just the average beer drinker.  Without the hockey though this is just anouther beer event.  The best of the festival for me was the new release from Bomber called The Code a beer that tied into the hockey movie Goon Last of the Enforcers.  While no goons are aloud in beer league hockey the Goon does have a place in many Canadians hearts. 

Now that I mentioned hockey again here are some photos from the hockey itself.  There were 4 teams this year in the Beer League Bash.  The teams included Bomber Brewing, Parallel 49 Brewing, Craft Beer All-Stars and the Suburban All Stars.  The Craft Beer All-Stars were made up of Vancouver breweries staf while the Suburban All Stars were made up of staff from the Vancouver Suburbs. They held a round robin tournament with music between plays, goal horns and everything.

This was beer league hockey and there was definitely mistakes but it sure made for some exciting goals.  For the first time in the 3 years this event had the correct finish with Bomber Brewing winning the big trophy!

I would be remiss to share some of the videos of the actual games.

Its not a win without the skate with the trophy!

I was sad to miss the second anual event but this year was a blast!  Being a huge hockey fan and beer fan this manages to bring so much good together and it is for a good cause to help get kids off the street!  If you did not make it to this event make sure you make it out next year!

Beer League Bash (1st Annual) – Vancouver

On April 4th, 2015 Bomber Brewing hosted the First Annual Beer League Bash event at the Britannia Community Rink in Vancouver.


As can be seen in the poster Parallel 49 Brewing, Bomber Brewing, Red Truck Beer, Yale Town Brewing, Bridge Brewing, Off The Rail Brewing, Storm Brewing, Main Street Brewing, Moody Ales, Central City Brewers & Distillers and Strange Fellows Brewing poured beer for the beer festival portion of this event.


Lets first get into what this event was all about.  All profits raised at this festival from tickets to the event to food and beer tickets went to B.A.S.H. the Britannia After School Hockey program for at risk youth in East Vancouver.  It helps raise money so that these kids can get hockey equipment and play hockey and have a better chance of staying out of trouble.  I always like to support events that have a cause and keeping children out of trouble is a great cause in my books.  Tickets came in at a very reasonable $25 and included a few drink tickets.  Everyone had to pay for tickets for beer including the people playing hockey as it was all for the kids!  Here are a few of the photos from the beer festival portion of the event to start.

The real fun of the event though was with the beer league hockey side of things!


The teams involved included Bomber Brewing, Red Truck Beer, Parallel 49 Brewing and the Craft Beer All-Stars.  Every team had to have a certain number of brewery staff on the team with the rest of the team being filled out with friends.  Bomber Brewing probably had it easiest as they began their life as a beer league hockey team and built a brewery from there.  The Craft Beer All-Stars team was built from brewery staff from other breweries in Vancouver that could not field a full team.  The hockey was great to watch and everyone seemed to have a great time!

I even took a few videos of the event

The winning team of the entire tournament ended up being Red Truck Beer.  They beat Parallel 49 Brewing in the final to win the trophy.

I was lucky enough to be on  the ice for the trophy ceremony and was asked to take the team photo for the winning team.


Each team had a player of the game and they all got trophies as well.  I was only able to get photos for the Bombers and the Craft Beer All-Stars sadly.

After everyone got off the ice the celebration headed back up into the beer festival where much reveling happened.

Of all the events that I have attended over the last few years this has to be one of the highlights.  Not only was there some really good beer but their was also some great hockey to watch.  I love standing around and chatting beer with anyone and everyone don’t get me wrong but with visual stimulation this just took the cake for me!  On top of all the fun this event was able to raise almost $2500!  I just hope next years event can do event better!

Full sized photos here.