Closing Cask Night – VBW – March 14th, 2015

Every good beer week requires a great closing cask night.  Victoria Beer Week 2015 was no different.

VBW Closing Cask-009

On March 14th, 2015 the closing cask festival was held at the Victoria Public Market.  While the opening cask festival centered on Victoria beers the closing cask festival centered on Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia.  Being from Vancouver I was happy to see that most of the breweries on hand brought interesting one off casks not just standard fair.  This event seemed to really have a buzz especially as many of the beer on sample were from breweries that are not easily attainable on the island.  As I know one of the organizers I did not have to wait in line and was able to get a bit of an inside look into the setup of the event.  Here are a few of the photos I took while behind the scenes.

Once it got closer to the time that the doors would open I got a my grubby mitts on the list of beers that would be poured.

VBW Closing Cask-008

The beers included if the list is not clear enough:

Bomber Brewing – Winter Tropics’ Stout
Brassneck – Inertia II
Bridge Brewing – Black Rye IPA with Cocoa nibs
Cannery Brewing – Turbanido Sugar
Central City (Red Racer) – Oaked India Style Red Ale
Dead Frog Brewery – Belgian Mist
Fernie Brewing – Griz Pale Ale dry-hopped with Mosaic & Simcoe
Four Winds Brewing – Vexillum Imperial IPA
Green Leaf Brewing – Les Saisoniers
Howe Sound Brewing – Devil’s Elbow dry-hopped with Summit & Topaz
Main Street Brewing – Session IPA with Brettanomyces
Moody Ales – Raspberry Blond Ale
Old Yale Brewing – Hazelnut Sasquatch Stout
Parallel 49 Brewing – Rye the Sterling Face
Postmark Brewing – Dry-Hopped Citra & Simcoe IPA
Powell Street Craft Brewing- White IPA
Red Truck Beer – Fresh Squeezed Delicious
Stanley Park Brewery – Rum Soaked Oak Chips
Steamworks Brewing – Imperial Red Ale
Steel & Oak Brewing – 001 Azacca The Projekt
Strange Fellows Brewing – Talisman West Coast Pale Ale with Mosaic (not listed)
Townsite Brewing – Black Wheat Beer
Yellow Dog Brewing – Pineapple/Mosaic IPA

Once the doors were about to open I was able to get my glass that came with 8 drink bottle caps and one food ticket.  More could be bought at 4 beer tokens for $5 and one food ticket for $5 both of witch you would need more as the beer and food were both great!VBW Closing Cask-010

Once the doors opened it was a steady stream of ticket holders, brewmasters and brewery owners.  The event was very relaxed with little to no stupidity that can break out when you have alcohol involved.  People were way to excited to try amazing beer to be causing any trouble from what I could tell!

Overall the cask festival was an amazing event.  I met all kinds of great people be it festival goers or VBW volunteers.  For the Volunteers you know who you are thanks for being really friendly and chatty.  I also never need a reason to chat with all of the brewery owners and brewmasters from the Vancouver region and I did a ton of this at this closing cask event.  I have to say that Victoria seems to know how to hold a cask event to be sure!  Being inside of the Victoria Public Market really gave a cool vibe to the event also.  It is a really cool space that lends itself to large gatherings!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Victoria Beer Week 2015

It’s almost that time again!  Victoria Beer Week 2015 is fast approaching.


Talking with attendees last year Victoria Beer Week sounded like a great event.  With lots of different events from brewery crawls to cask events you can’t go wrong.  The video below is a quick preview of highlights from last years festivities.

This years second annual event is shaping up to be even better than last year! With Vancouverites in mind that may not be able to go to the island for the week I will highlight some of the weekend events below.

First Weekend
The events include the Opening Cask Night
Beer School: The History of Beer, Pedalin’ For Pints on International Women’s Day
Beer School: Victoria – Brewing since 1858
Tap Takeover with the BC Craft Brewers Guild

Second Weekend
Homebrewers Workshop at Category 12
New Brew Cruise
Cooking With Beer
Closing Cask Night and Finale: Brewmaster’s Brunch

I am excited to be heading over for a portion of Victoria Beer Week this year to join in the fun.  I hope next year I will be able to head over for the entire week!  If you are in Metro Vancouver make sure to head over and see what Victoria Beer Week has to offer.  They even have deals set up to get cheaper lodging & flights on Harbour Air!

Head over to the website and buy tickets to events and book a hotel now!

The River Boat Throwdown! – VCBW – June 6th, 2013

By June 6th, 2013 the Vancouver Craft Beer Week was in full swing with some amazing events all over the city!  “The River Boat Throwdown” held at the Portside Pub in Gastown was just one of these amazing events.  It was also the second event of Vancouver Craft Beer Week that I was able to attend and was the nights Feature event.  The ticket to the event was $25 dollars and it included a collectors glass, gambling token as well as one drink ticket with more drink tickets came in at $1.  Once the casks emptied you could purchase pints from the bar.

“The River Boat Throwdown” was a presentation of the Portside Pub and VYR Beer Tweetup.  The pub was set up like a River Boat Casino for the event including game tables with professional dealers, dancers and a proformances by The Sweetpea Swing Band.  The night also included casks from some amazing local breweries including Deep Cove, Lighthouse, Vancouver Island, Parallel 49, Central City, R&B, Red Truck, Russell, Tofino and Howe Sound Brewing.  To top it all off costumes were encouraged for the event to give it more life!

The 10 casks were as follows:
1 – Central City Brewing – Imperial Red Ale of Doom & Awesomeness
2 –  Parallel 49 Brewing – Lord of the Dry Hops
3 – Vancouver Island Brewing – Kaffir Lime Leaf Saison
4 – Lighthouse Brewing – Crowded House Pineapple Head
5 – Deep Cove Brewing Company – Wise Crack West Coast Lager
6 – Russell Brewing – Summer Daze Saison
7 – Red Truck Beer – Heavenly Delicious English Strong Ruby Ale
8 – Tofino Brewing Company – IPA w Lemongrass & Tamarind
9 – Howe Sound Brewing – The Dark King
10 – R&B Brewing Company – Apple Jack Moonshine Ale

Nick and Jonny of YVR Beer Tweetup were running twitter contests all night with the final contests centering on the casks themselves.  There were three categories for the casks including first emptied (Quick Draw), best name (The Gambler) and best beer (Cask Maverick).  The Winner of the Quick Draw award went to Russell Brewing – Summer Daze Saison, The Gambler award went to Lighthouse Brewing – Crowded House Pineapple Head and Cask Maverick went to none other than Parallel 49 Brewing – Lord of the Dry Hops.  If I made my own choices for these awards it would have been a bit different with The Gambler going to Central City Brewing – Imperial Red Ale of Doom & Awesomeness and the Cask Maverick being a split between Parallel 49 Brewing – Lord of the Dry Hops and Red Truck Beer – Heavenly Delicious English Strong Ruby Ale.  But hey that is half the fun of craft beer isn’t it?

Having this blog has introduced me to so many really cool people and it still blows my mind.  I find that I am visiting with so many new acquaintances and friends that I forget to pay attention to things like gambling and voting for best cask at events.  Saying this if you see me at an event like this please say hi as I love meeting new people!

I would like to finish by saying Cheers to YVR Beer Tweetup, The Portside Pub, Vancouver Craft Beer Week and all the amazing people in the local Craft Beer Scene that made not only this event but every event so much fun to be a part of!