Blonde Belgian-Style Ale – Red Collar Brewing

From Red Collar Brewing in Kamloops in the Thompson Okanagan comes their “Blonde Belgian-Style Ale”.  The beer pours a citrus fruit, honey and yeast.  The flavour is of citrus, citrus rind, honey, bready malts, Belgian yeast and some mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 32.  This blonde was quite tasty and I will be finding more in the future.

Commercial Description:  A medium bodied ale with a crisp, dry finish. The use of Pilsner and French aromatic malts create a golden colour with biscuit and honey flavours. Fermented at lager temperatures with Red Collar’s proprietary Belgian yeast strain. Unfiltered and naturally carbonated.


Blonde – Dageraad Brewing

Dageraad Brewing is one of the newest breweries in Metro Vancouver and is located in Burnaby BC.  Launching with two beer both of which are Belgian Style Ales they have been causing a bit of a stir locally.  The “Blonde” pours a golden colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of Belgian yeast, malts, wheat, grassy hops, citrus and some other fruits.  The flavour is grassy, bitter hops, malts, wheat, sugar, spices, Belgian yeast and a nutty finish.  The beer has an alcohol content of 7.5% but it does not show in the flavour much at all.  This is a great Belgian style blonde ale and anyone that likes Belgian ales should check this one out!

Commercial Description:  Crowned with a fluffy, white head and graced with a fruity, spicy, citrusy aroma, Dageraad Blonde is the pride of our brewery. A closer inspection reveals a note of nutty pilsner malt, whiff of noble hops, faint note of caramelized sugar and—when the beer warms—a sweet, floral breath of alcohol. And all that before you’ve tasted it.

Food pairing as per brewery:  Salads and deserts, semi soft ripened cheeses and charcuterie


Beard Beer – Rogue Brewing

Limited Edition

From Rogue Brewing out of Oregon comes the “Beard Beer” a beer using yeast found in the brewmaster John Maier’s beard (Yes you read that right! eek).  The Belgian Style Ale pours a golden amber colour with a white head.  The beer smells of beard…. ok no just kidding it smells of malts, citrus, floral hops and an overall sweetness.  The flavour luckily was not of beard either but of malts, hops, citrus, grapes and some caramel.  The beer did have a bit of an oily texture though… was this the beard coming through?  The alcohol content of the brew is 5.6%.  I was very hesitant to pick up this beer or even drink it at all until I happened on a Rogue Ales Public House and found a bottle.  My curiosity like a cat took hold and I purchased it.  Luckily it did not kill me like happens to some cats and it actually tasted really good.

Commercial Description: It’s here! Our latest brew Dedicated to Beards, Beard Beer is brewed with a yeast created from Brewmaster John Maier’s Beard. No Need to freak out, Brewers have used wild yeasts in beer making for centuries. John has had the same Old Growth Beard since 1983 and for over 15,000 brews, so it is no great suprise that a natural yeast ideal for brewing was discovered in his beard.

What does Beard Beer taste like? Try it, we think you’ll be suprised…

IMG_00001250  IMG_00001251