Blackberry Jam (Lactose IPA) – Four Winds Brewing

From Four Winds Brewing in Delta comes their “Blackberry Jam” an IPA with wild Blackberries, Mosaic Lupulin powder and lactose.  The beer pours a reddish orange colour with a light reddish head. The aroma consists of blackberries, lactose sweetness and some herbal notes. The flavour is of blackberries, strawberries, lactose with a low bitterness to finish it all off. The alcohol content comes in at 6.5% with an IBU of 45. This stuff is really good and I hope that Four Winds Brewing makes more of this stuff.

Commercial Description:  Blackberry Jam is an IPA brewed with handpicked wild blackberries from B.C., Mosaic lupulin powder, lactose sugar, Saccharomyces Trois yeast and a touch of vanilla.

Blackberry Festiv(ale) – Townsite Brewing

Seasonal Alert

From Townsite Brewing in Powell River comes their new Seasonal Beer called the “Blackberry Festiv(ale)” a Blackberry Wheat Ale.  This beer pours a very cloudy golden colour with white head.  The beer smells heavily of wheat and yeast with a hint of blackberry.  When you sip the beer you will get wheat and yeast to start and a building aftertaste of blackberries.  The beer sits at an alcohol content of 5.5% and an IBU of 18.  This is a very nice tasting wheat ale and it is to bad it is only a seasonal.