Steve’s Beer Advent Calendar Day 4 – Blonde – Abdij Van St Martin

From Brasserie de Brunehaut for Abdij Van St Martin, Brunehaut, Belgium is their Blonde.

Pouring a cloudy, vibrant orange, there are noticeable suspended particles stationary in the beer though no visible carbonation. The head is thin, white with an orange tinge.

The nose is floral and vanilla with orange blossom. A little bit of grain at the end.

The flavours are effervescent and flit by quickly on the tongue while maintaining complexity. There is a base of lager-y, Molson-like “beer” flavour with a vanilla and honey sweetness to add balance and interest. There is a mineral bitterness to counter the sweet and the finish is of bitter orange.

Commercial description:

  • Look: A golden straw colour, with a strong foam once opened then the bubbles gently rise to the top and a good head remains.
  • Nose: Sharp, lively and nervous, fermentation with a touch reminiscent of a flowery cheese.
  • In the mouth: A round, balance and full flavour. In the mouth it is floral, elegant and direct, almost feminine. A great beer that perfectly suits cheeses with a hard crust or some fine Bries and Camemberts.
  • The aftertaste has a noble bitterness.


Blondes In Stereo – Torchlight Brewing

From Torchlight Brewing in Nelson BC comes their “Blondes In Stereo”.  The beer pours a cloudy blonde colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of grainy, citrus, citrus zest and some floral hops.  The flavour is of grain, bready, citrusy, orange, citrus zest, mild spices and mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 19.  This gives you exactly what you would expect a tasty low hopped ale that drinks a bit like a lager.

Commercial Description:  Did you grab this bottle because it was the brightest one on the shelf?  Well, you’ve definitely made the right call by picking this crisp, refreshing, blonde ale to quench your craft beer thirst.  Made with Wakatu hops from New Zealand, this is the perfect beer to pair with all our sunshine shenanigans.

Pinot Noir Raspberry Blonde – Tin Whistle Brewing

From Penticton BC’s Tin Whistle Brewing comes their “Pinot Noir Raspberry Blonde” a beer barrel aged in Pinot Noir barrels.  The beer pours an orange colour with a very small head.  The aroma consists of raspberries, fruit, wine and a hint of oak from barrels.  The flavour is of raspberries, cherry, mild tart, pinot noir, oak, mild grains and tannins.  This beer actually reminds me a little of a Kriek although its not a cherry beer.  The alcohol content comes in at 5%.  This was a quite tasty take on their Blonde ale and makes sense it won a Gold for fruit beers in the BC Beer Awards in 2016.


Blonde Belgian-Style Ale – Red Collar Brewing

From Red Collar Brewing in Kamloops in the Thompson Okanagan comes their “Blonde Belgian-Style Ale”.  The beer pours a citrus fruit, honey and yeast.  The flavour is of citrus, citrus rind, honey, bready malts, Belgian yeast and some mild bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 32.  This blonde was quite tasty and I will be finding more in the future.

Commercial Description:  A medium bodied ale with a crisp, dry finish. The use of Pilsner and French aromatic malts create a golden colour with biscuit and honey flavours. Fermented at lager temperatures with Red Collar’s proprietary Belgian yeast strain. Unfiltered and naturally carbonated.


Dageraad Brewing – Burnaby BC

Do you like Belgian Ales?  Do you also like to drink local?  Ben Coli has an answer for you now in Dageraad Brewing.  Located in Burnaby BC this little brewery is making some very exciting ales.  Dageraad Brewing beer is launching in the next week with an Belgian Amber and Blonde in both 650ml bombers and in kegs.  Keep an eye out for the launch of the bottles in your favourite local liquor stores.

In the not to distant future Dageraad Brewing will feature a tasting room but for now it is just a production brewery.  The plan is to have samples and sell bombers but growlers are not in the plans at least as of now.  If you want to try some of their beer right away you can find it at Tangent Cafe.

Full sized photos can be found here

Dageraad Brewing
#114 3191 Thunderbird Crescent
Burnaby BC
V5A 3G1